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New Crusher Arrives At OCON

We are excited to introduce the newest addition to the OCON lineup! The Kleeman MR 130i EVO2 Crusher!

The Kleeman has been deployed to work on our new project with the Fairfield Local Council where the OCON team has been tasked with the crushing and screening over 50,000 tonnes of concrete, brick, and asphalt.

Thankfully, this cutting-edge crusher delivers efficiency and versatility allowing our team to produce premium quality finished products.

The Key features of the Kleeman MR 130i EVO2 include: 

Versatility: The Crusher is deployable universally as an all-rounder for various applications.

Premium Final Grain Quality: It achieves exceptional product quality with a crusher inlet width of 1300 mm.

Cost-Effective Performance: Previously associated with larger crushing plants, the MR 130i EVO2 delivers outstanding results.

Compact Design: The Crusher is easy to transport, assemble, and disassemble.

Hydraulic Gap Setting: Optimised material flow for efficient operation.

D-DRIVE Diesel Direct Drive: Powerful and reliable performance.

High-Performance Post Screening Unit (Option): Ensures top-notch final grain.

Close up image of Kleeman Crusher

Project Details

Our highly skilled Crushing and Screening Supervisor, Owenie Mc Clafferty, will be overseeing the delivery of the following end products. 

20mm Minus Road-Based Material: OCON is producing a durable road base material that meets industry standards. This will enhance road infrastructure and improve transportation for everyone.

10mm Minus Road Base: A finer road base material designed for specific applications. Whether it’s footpaths, driveways, or other surfaces, we’ve got it covered!

Sand: Our sand production will contribute to construction projects, landscaping, and more. Quality sand is essential for building strong foundations.

More Information about the Kleeman MR 130i EVO2 Crusher. 

You can learn more and read all the specs for the Kleeman MR 130i EVO2 on their official website here.