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Unveiling New Machinery at OCON

The OCON yard buzzed with anticipation this month as we welcomed the newest state-of-the-art machinery courtesy of WesTrac!

With groundbreaking projects launching in 2024 and our flagship endeavours spanning across regional Australia, it was imperative that our equipment received an upgrade to match our ambitions.

Here’s a glimpse of our cutting-edge additions:

  • CAT 306NG Excavator.
  • CAT M314 Rubber-Tyred Excavator featuring a 360-degree rotational hitch.
  • CAT 323NG Excavator equipped with advanced 3D GPS technology.
  • CAT 340NG Excavator, outfitted with state-of-the-art 3D GPS.
  • CAT 349NG Excavator, which boasts top-tier 3D GPS capabilities.
  • Trio of robust CAT 740GC Dump Trucks.
  • CAT 950GC IT Loader.

These machines are poised to make an immediate impact as they head to regional NSW to contribute to an upcoming energy and resources initiative.

A heartfelt appreciation to WesTrac in Sydney for consistently delivering unparalleled service.

Remember, at OCON, we also provide a comprehensive rental fleet available for both wet and dry hire throughout Australia. Explore our offerings here.

Here’s to our new fleet, the exciting ventures on the horizon, and the thrilling journeys ahead!