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Energy and Resources


OCON Services is proud to have built an impressive portfolio working on energy and resources projects across Australia. Our range of capabilities and proven track record means that we can undertake major civil works for large-scale energy projects including Solar and Wind Farms. 

We are dedicated to helping move Australia forward in the Renewable Energy sector. Our management team have extensive hands-on experience, having worked on several wind farm projects across Ireland and the UK.

Participating in these projects has given our team invaluable experience from compound setup, to working with large excavation machinery involved with road building, trenches for services, environmental controls, and substation construction.

Our capabilities include: 

  • Pipe way remediation 
  • Demolition 
  • Civil works 
  • Bulk materials handling


For further details of the projects that we have self performed in the Energy and Resources Sector head to our projects page.

OCON performing an Energy and resources sector project

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