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Renewable Energy – Is Australia On Track?

The Paris Agreement signed in 2015, marked a global commitment to combat climate change and limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. As one of the signatories, Australia set its own targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2030. As the deadline approaches, it’s time to assess whether Australia is on track to meet its Paris Agreement commitments.

Current Emission Trends:

Australia’s progress towards its emission reduction targets has been a topic of discussion and scrutiny. According to recent data, the country’s greenhouse gas emissions have seen some fluctuations, making it challenging to determine a consistent trend. Factors such as economic activities, policy changes, and natural events contribute to these variations.

Renewable Energy Transition:

One positive aspect of Australia’s efforts is the significant increase in renewable energy adoption. The country has made strides in harnessing solar and wind power, with large-scale projects contributing to the energy mix. 

The Clean Energy Council Australia reports that there are currently 80 renewable energy projects that are under construction (or due to start construction soon) across the country. This is based on projects that have reached financial close and are not yet commissioned.

CEC also reports that wind, solar, hydro and bioenergy projects will deliver over $21.2 billion in capital investment and 12,393 MW of new renewable energy capacity. On top of this, 21 renewable energy projects were completed in Australia in 2022.

One thing is certain, the continued transition to renewable energy sources is crucial for achieving emission reduction targets and building a sustainable energy future.

OCON Services’ Expertise in Renewable Energy:

At OCON we are dedicated to helping move Australia forward in the Renewable Energy sector. Our management team have extensive hands-on experience, having worked on several wind farm projects across Ireland and the UK.

Participating in these projects has given our team invaluable experience from compound setup, to working with large excavation machinery involved with road building, trenches for services, environmental controls, and substation construction.

You can learn more about OCON Services’ capability in the energy and resources sector here

International Pressure:

Australia’s commitment to the Paris Agreement has faced international scrutiny. The global community, including other signatories, has called for more ambitious action to align with the Agreement’s goals. This international pressure highlights the need for Australia to reassess and possibly strengthen its strategies to meet the agreed-upon targets.

Summing It Up: 

As Australia approaches the crucial deadline of 2030, the nation stands at a crossroads in its journey towards meeting the Paris Agreement targets. While progress has been made in adopting renewable energy, challenges such as policy uncertainty and the continued reliance on fossil fuels pose significant obstacles. The international community’s watchful eye underscores the importance of Australia’s commitment to mitigating climate change. The path forward requires a concerted effort from policymakers, industries, and the public to ensure a sustainable and resilient future for the country and the planet