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As one of Sydney's leading plant hires provider, OCON Services understand the importance of having quality graders within our fleet available to wet or dry hire at competitive rates. It's a rental service that plenty of our clients require, so we've worked hard to ensure that the machines we have for rental are the best in the business with budget-friendly rates.

Hire out our quality grader for your final trim project all across the east coast from Victoria, ACT, NSW and Queensland.

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Our impressive range of rental equipment consists of 20 graders to dry hire with unmatched rates in the industry. With two 12H graders, fourteen 14M / 14H graders and four 140H graders, we're fully prepared for any final trim hire job around Australia, specifically in the states of New South Wales and ACT, focusing on Canberra, Newcastle and Wollongong.

All the rental graders owned by OCON Services comes with full GPS capabilities too, as well as all the other required modern features. Here at OCON Services, we service our graders regularly which are open to dry hire for that final trim task at hand, to ensure they meet all the necessary guidelines as put forward by the Australian government.

To make sure our customers that come to us for our grader hire services and our operators are completely safe, these regular checks confirm full compliance with the Australian Petrol/Chemical, Utilities, Construction and Rail sectors.

OCON Services cat14m grader




At OCON Services we offer both wet and dry hire to those wishing to hire a grader on the Australia east coast, from Victoria, ACT, NSW and Queensland.  We believe it's important to offer customers in Australia this choice as it affects the rates for the rental, and whilst some people are confident using a grader themselves to do a final trim, they may still want to hire a professional to make sure the job gets done with precision and speed. However, we still offer excellent rates on all grader hire, wet or dry rental, short or long term, so get in touch with us today to find out more about what OCON Services can offer you for all your grader needs.

Head Office: Lakes Business Park, 2B Lord St, Botany. Sydney, NSW 2019

Plant Yard:   Clifton Ave, Kemps Creek, NSW 2170

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