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IXOM bulk materials handling project

IXOM Chemicals: Bulk Materials Handling Project

Project run dates: 

Our work on the IXOM Chemicals Bulk Materials Handling Project commenced September 2015 and is currently ongoing. 

IXOM, Bulk Materials Handling Project overview: 

IXOM is a market leader in water treatment and chemical distribution in Australia and New Zealand. 

The IXOM Botany ChlorAlkali facility is an integrated complex of plants producing chlorine-based products from electrolysis of natural sea salt.  

OCON Scope of work

  • OCON are engaged as the bulk material handling agent responsible for maintaining and managing the daily delivery of sea salt to The Botany ChlorAlkali facility which produces 90 tonnes daily of chlorine and caustic soda using water, salt and electricity 
  • The procedure is 24/7 365 days of the year  
  • Since 2015 the team onsite has successfully stockpiled over 300,000 tonnes of sea salt at the facility and continues to deliver daily 180 tonnes of salt to the plant lixators for manufacturing purposes   
  • Due to zero incidents and maintaining round the clock support to our client for the last 7 years we have recently been rewarded with a renewed contract.  
Below is a selection of images of the OCON Services team onsite at the IXOM.